Monday, August 8, 2011

diEt ku BermuLa ~~

oN 8 august.. my diet is start from 2 daY(59.8kg)
unTil Hari Raya  30 August 2011
My target to lose 4 kg.. to get 56kg
hopefuLLy i caN get it ..
i just have onlY 21 daY...
i need to lose 1 week 1 kilo.. ehheh

my meNu for 2 daY (8 august)
coNflake + low faT miLk...
waRm waTEr

miLo + biskut piNg poNg.... ahhaha

cHaiyokk aliaa

1 comment:

  1. en Hadfiz.. tlg jgn lose weight byk2 k.. tercaBar shaye nnti.. heheh 0.o