Saturday, May 5, 2012

besday pResent frOm my Love

hahha.. another update from me...
sebab terlalu byk crite nk sharing
jadi shee msuk2 skit2 jer ..hahah

1st... my besday present for this year
my parent comes to my house at perak
to celebrate my besday...
they brought cake for me.. thank mama n papa...

ha kucing nie bukan preseNt yer...
ni my manja.. GARY..
berjalan sakan dari KB ker perak wokeh..
naik kete dgn my parent...

this flower... my ex cc punyer anak y bgi... ehheh
(cc~ chief clerk)
last 1 from my huBBY 2b
polar heart rate monitor..
ari2 shee guna for my fitness n also fat burn.. pergghh misi utk kurus

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