Wednesday, October 5, 2011

my goaL ( my Life)

gOaL thAt i waNt to achieve
n until now nothing i can achieve...
pooR me.. hurmmm

1. get married ~
2. Buy a caR ~
3. NaIk paNgkat
4. Beli UmaH
4.LearN how to cooK
5. sLim
6. HolidaY with Him
7. buY some goLd for my mama
8. uaT haJi
9. p suNway laGooN with Him
10. make my pareNt hapy n proud
11. become a gud wife n motHer
12. continue my studies (masTer)

itu lew list goaL aku
daN uat pengetahuan korang semua
1 pun bluM tercapai.. just masak tuH jer tgh blaja ckit2

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