Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BesDay PreSeNt ~~~ tq YanK

thnx dear.. for the lovelY n speciaL present...
love u so much.. hhuhuhu
even itot suprise present but i really appreaciate it
because.. it is a 1st time i got the expensive present from someone that i love...

                  my present fRom u ~  ur BesdaY preseNt froM me...    earLy preseNt form Me....   

 ♥♥ ~~~ Thnx deaR
1 for m3 n 1 for u ^_^


  1. hahahahah,, lawa2,, dah nmpak dah,,,,

  2. eheh.. tq..
    sendiri pilih..
    org lain byrkan.. haha itu yang lagi best
    tp jam die lagi mahal.. huhhu
    tp itu pun pilihan akak